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Puffy hair
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Matted hair Matted hair

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Try This Secret Method to Untangle Matted hair

So you have hair that is matted and tangled and you are considering cutting it off. Before you do here is a way to get rid of matted hair.

The first step to remove matted hair is to take a brush taking tiny sections of your hair at a time and brushing through it slowly and carefully. This works better if you use it on dry hair

next step use a deep conditioning herbal oil like mira hair oil, it acts as a leave in conditioner. Wear your hair in a pony tail to prevent it from getting matted and tangled.

A natural remedy to fix matted hair is to first shampoo your hair with a natural hair shampoo , then rinse your matted hair with a 50% white vinegar and water mixure –this will allow you to comb out your hair easy

To get rid of matted hair be sure to use lots of warm to hot water to get all of the soap and dirt out. Once your hair is clear of the soap, you will need to use a detangling oil like Mira hair oil and comb it out.

To be sure you get rid of matted hair , be sure you part her hair into small sections, comb first then brush over with water. You can twist this part of your hair with a bobby pin, then move on to the next section.

Use the Mira hair oil as much as possible and remember to use luke warm water when you brush through after combing.

For best results you want to use Mira hair oil and let it sit for a minimum of one hour. When done you can wash your hair out.

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