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Here is How to Become a Mira hair Oil distributor and make up to $1900 PROFIT a box

We have had many requests from customers who want to new distributors on a small scale
If you are one of these people we have come up with a way
Now you can sell to friends and family or sell locally (at your local salon etc) and make a healthy profit at that
For a limited only and only a select few customers
We will ship the following to you. as you know Mira hair oil retails for $69.99 per bottle
But as a distributor you get the following options

1 box of 10 bottles of Mira with 6 brochures at $40 a unit *(make up to $30 profit per bottle plus $170 shipping and handling—box will cost you $570 in total (make $200 per box)



1 case of Mira hair oil 48 bottles for $1920 (make up to $30 a bottle), plus $300 shipping and handling make $1619.50 profit per box Comes with 15 brochures

  All these will be shipped UPS with tracking and express shipping
Distributorship is for local distribution only-this is not for selling on the web!

If you are interested please go to this page and place your order
We will and can take only a few select distributors; if you feel you can and would like to sell Mira hair oil to friends, family, hair salons in your town, city this might be your chance.
We ship worldwide ...all over the world to remote countries like , Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Bahrain, Greece, Poland, Samoa and Malta and we feel that we would like local distributors there who we can refer people too as well as build an international presence.

So if you would like to supply locally please act now by using the links below

Like I said all parcels will be shipped express and you get the marketing brochures to go with it
We will not be offering this again-this is the only time so if you are in.
The marketing brochures you get are very powerful and will help you sell Mira hair oil effortlessly. and the great thing about Mira hair oil is that it has loyalty which means people will keep buying from you again and again!

P.S. my Guarantee- if you cant sell it after 30 days I will happily refund the unsold returned –unopened portions-less shipping and handling
Sincerely yours

Eva , John and Rob