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Puffy hair Puffy hair
Puffy hair
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Puffy hair Puffy hair

Secret Steps To Stop Your Puffy And Frizzy hair

So you have dry, puffy and frizzy hair and no matter what product you use you still find it gets frizzy what should you do?

First step against puffy hair is to stop using chemical based shampoos because they strip away natural oils and make your hair dry and puffy, was your hair every three days

Here is a trick you use when you get out of the shower. Turn the water from Luke warm to cold and stick your head up side down over the water
The cold water tends to close up the pores on the scalp and makes it shiny and not puffy

And the act of putting your hair up-side-down makes sure it stays curly on the top and stops any frizz or puffy hair. Then get out of the shower and put your hair in a towel for 15 minutes. Let your hair dry this way. When you are done take a little herbal oil like Mira hair oil and rub between your palms and smooth your hair –this will prevent your hair from becoming puffy and frizzy.

Then take a little mouse or gel and style at will

Apply the mousse and then flip your hair right-side-up. By now it should be dry enough and then you just let it dry naturally-this is the best way to prevent puffy and frizzy hair

Use Mira hair oil as your deep conditioning agent, it is all natural and gets rid of tangles damaged hair
if you don’t use such oil you will end up with. Split ends and puffy hair.

The best hair style to stop puffy hair is to use layers
layers keep your hair nice and curly all throughout your hair and it will stop the frizzy and puffy hair look.

The best bet is to use Mira hair oil as your all natural conditioning and anti frizz and anti-puffy hair product, try a bottle for free using this link

Puffy hair

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Puffy hair