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Coarse Hair, Course Hair coarse hair
Coarse Hair, Course Hair
Coarse Hair, Course Hair
Coarse Hair, Course Hair coarse hair

The Secret To Repair Dry, Damaged, Thick, Coarse Hair

So you have coarse hair (course hair)and some of you may have chemically straightened hair it is damaging your hair... so you dislike your hair as it is poofy, coarse and rough. Is there a solution to fixing “coarse hair”?

So if you like to keep your hair straight but hate the coarse damaged hair that comes with it
Read this short article to fix your coarse hair

The first step to fixing coarse hair (course hair)is to a good protein deep conditioner like Mira hair oil which acts like a reconstructor to help repair damaged hair

Second step to repair coarse hair (course hair)is to cut the damage hair off and start with healthy hair. Using Mira hair oil will allow you to regrow the hair back healthy so don’t worry about cutting the length

I f you want to get rid of coarse hair (course hair)but still want to use heat tools then be sure to use a heat protectant every time you straighten or use heating tools on your hair. To repair coarse hair (course hair)you need to stop applying or minimize the use of heating tools

You also need a good herbal shampoo like Mira hair oil shampoo which will give you healthy hair and allow easy hair management whiles getting your hair silky smooth and straight.

Third use Mira hair oil as a leave in hair treatment, simply apply it into your scalp and allow it to sit for an hour then wash it off with an herbal shampoo

Then when you are done you can perform a thorough blow dry, going section by section, and using a little Mira hair oil on the scalp

After you have done that you can hot comb the hair section by section whiles using powerful herb based hair oil like Mira hair oil and after that you can use the flat iron
If you do that correctly it will look like you have used a relaxer without actually using a one, thereby getting rid of your coarse hair

You need do this only once or twice a month because you do not want to use too much heat if you want to get rid of “coarse hair”

to stop coarse hair (course hair)be sure to never straighten you hair- at least until you get back healthy hair with the help of Mira hair oil, understand that i6t is heat and chemical agents that cause coarse hair (course hair)and makes the hair break and become frizzy

If you want to get rid of coarse hair (course hair)but still want to straighten your hair, you should get a straightner with ceramic plates. This is because the ceramic plates do not really burn and damage your hair your hair as much as an ordinary one
If you choose to use heat tools and chemicals in your hair at least use Mira hair oil to minimize and repair the damage

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coarse hair

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coarse hair , course hair