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How to make hair grow fast other than shampoo

In this article I want to show you how to grow black long hair!

Commercially, hair care is projected through applying shampoo. Because of wide demand of concern over hair problem many companies created shampoo formula promising to enhance hair growth making hair to stand out. These companies are in business, whether they admit it or not, vigilant studies shown that more of these formulation contain harsh chemicals; it hasten result but not for long. It should have been their duty to tell consumers to use it moderately because of the reverse effect these chemicals might incur if used regularly, but again, such action is business worth and it is their right. So, here are some steps to make hair grow fast hat can be beneficial other than using shampoo:

  • Want to make hair grow fast? Fix your diet: eat lots of green and leafy vegetables. Consume foods rich in nutrients such as protein, iron and vitamins. Poultry meats are some sources of protein like beef, egg and chicken.
  • Avoid sedentary lifestyle. Be active, cholesterol restrict blood flow. Blood circulation is the best assurance of good health. Through exercising blood also properly reaches the scalp thereby supplying necessary nutrients to hair cells.
  • Taking supplements to help make hair grow fast: The body take some time to process necessary nutrients to assist hair grow. To hasten treatment, taking supplement will assist the body to provide and maintain balance while hair growth is still recuperating. Take vitamin B, E and biotin supplement.
  • Massaging the scalp with good oil. Scalp massage soothes the nerve with oil. Mira oil or olive oil maybe used, these are proven natural oil that will not render harm to hair.
  • Avoid places where hair will be exposed to severe heat however use head covering such as cap, or scarf if exposure is unavoidable; salt water may also damage hair
  • Wash hair with the paste- cooked Urad dal or black beans and fenugreek for 2 to 3 times a week.
  • In trying to pony tail the hair use rubber bands covered with satin cloth to avoid hair breakage. Scrunchies may be bought to local grocery stores, it is an elastic band covered by fabric cloth.
  • If hair is plagued with dandruff it can be treated by mixing vinegar and water then apply to the scalp.. a clean scalp will make hair grow fast

There are shampoos however that conform to the gentle treatment of hair such as baby shampoo of Johnson and Johnson’s. the idea of shampooing properly depend on the content of the shampoo, shampoo that has mixtures of chemical such as alcohol must be

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