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Grow Black Hair Long And Strong

In this article I want to show you how to grow black long hair!

To begin the most powerful tip for growing black hair long and strong is to STOP using chemicals on your hair. Simply put your hair up on cute buns and once in a while it's ok to use a hot comb. If you did just this one suggestion you would have strong African hair

You also need to stay away from commercial hair shampoos and conditioners! Use a herbal shampoo at worst, even better is to use a hair oil and wash your hair with luke warm water

If you want to grow your hair fast, stay away from washing your hair with hot water! How water will weaken your hair roots and lead to hair loss and scalp damage!

Next suggestion I have is to wash your hair more often with water. Once a week just won’t do if you want to grow black long hair. The best frequency to wash your hair to grow long black hair is every other day and make sure that it does not dry out

If you are concerned about which hair style to use when growing long hair simply put some leave-in conditioner in your hair and put in some clips or just wear your hair down naturally.

If you used these simple suggestions I have just given, in about a year your hair will have grown a few inches longer.

Another hair growth tip is: Do not use relaxers, etc.

You can get long hair without chemicals (relaxers)

Another hair growth tip is make sure that you keep moisturizing your hair with an all natural hair oil like Mira hair oil as drying out of the hair and scalp is the major cause of hair loss or hair weakening with African hair

I also suggest you use all natural hair oil like Mira hair oil.

Other tips include: make sure you deep condition your hair. And if you are going to blow dry it make sure you do so in sections and moisturize with a good hair oil before doing so. To do this just takes a section of hair and comb it while blow drying it. This is the best method of moisturizing and straightening your long black hair without having to use a hot comb.

Use the oil bi weekly and wear braids and ponytails

Finally I should mention that if you do want to straighten your hair make sure to use a flat iron and not a perm. You will get the same hair growth results with a less harsh process.

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