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Grow Long Hair Grow Long Hair
Grow Long Hair
 long hair
Grow Long Hair Grow Long Hair

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The Best Way to Grow Long Hair Fast

Simple suggestions to grow long thick and beautiful hair !

First and foremost drink lots of water – I am talking about 8-12 glasses of water a day. Carry a bottle around with you and make sure you get this intake of water; water will flush your body of all the harmful toxins in it and will also create equilibrium in your body promoting healthy hair growth

Second Rule for growing long hair

Leave your hair alone- it is has to be natural!

Remember many of the products and hairstyles designed for African hair are unsuitable for African hair, be proud of your hair and stop wanting it look like something it is not! You will notice that when it comes to black hair, that those individuals who leave their hair alone have great hair, for instance a lot of black people with dreads have stunning hair growth compared to the ones who do too much with it.

Black hair is not designed by nature to through presses and all heavy chemical use

Again black hair grows better if it's left alone. You can test it and see, if you have breakages you can just not do anything to it , meaning don’t press it, don’t style it, then apply any product to it just leave it alone or at worst wear it as a ponytail or wear it down. Your hair will be back to its original length in a year.

If you absolutely have to flat iron/press/straighten) your hair, please do so every two weeks or less. Please make sure you don’t do it everyday or every week.

Fact is heat and chemicals are not good for your hair.

Another grow long hair secret is: make sure you avoid chemical gels, you need to stop doing and using these gels, they truly stunt your hair growth!

Finally use good herbal oil like Mira which contains essentially oils and herbs that will nourish your scalp and hair-use the oil every two days...

Next point is when you go to sleep or take a nap, put something silk over your hair, or under the part you are sleeping on, this makes sure that when you move your head and hair you don’t pull your hair along with the movement which causes your hair to break

Finally be sure to MASSAGE YOUR SCALP, it is best to massage your scalp when putting oil on it. If you do want your hair to look stylish as you grow it you can use braids or cornrows

I personally recommend French braids or cornrows , make sure however that you don’t get them back to back

next hair growth tip is -do not style your hair with water, many black women do this, they use water to tame or slick their hair down , fact is water used that way seems to do more damage to your hair, rather use natural oils like I mentioned and tame your hair with that

Finally, wash your hair often, a clean scalp and healthy unclogged hair follicles is the key to longer healthy black hair. There is a myth that African hair should not be washed often because it becomes dry, this is not true, use the suggestions and the oil I recommended and you will never have this problem. click this link to dicover how you can grow long hair fast

Grow Long Hair

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Grow Long Hair