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grow hair faster and longer
fast hair growth formula
fast hair growth formula
grow hair faster and longer
grow hair faster and longer fast hair growth formula

Do Fast Hair Growth Formulas Work?

Ever wonder if products claiming to make hair grow faster actually work? Well, I’m afraid to tell you that no product has really proven to do that. Hair grows on average about 6 inches per year, and there’s not much you can do about that. If your parents had strong, good hair, then it’s likely you will too. Instead of relying on products that don’t really work, here are some steps that when combined actually represent the best fast hair growth formula:
1. Do not use heat styling appliances.
2. Do not over-process your hair by coloring it too much. In particular, any hair processes including peroxide will only weaken your hair.
3. Be nice to it when it is wet. Don’t brush it or use a fine-toothed comb.
4. Give your scalp a nice rub or massage on a day to day basis. Combined with a hot oil treatment, a scalp massage will help stimulate new hair growth and leave a great shine behind.
5. You can always use hair extensions if you want to grow long hair fast. That is perhaps the best hair growth formula. They will give you immediate results, but they will also cost you some money.
The best hair formula is one that combines effective techniques. The products on infomercials and stores are simply not effective. They are usually over priced and ineffective. Treat your hair gently, avoid over-processing your hair and if you’re impatient you can always use a hair extensions to use. Either way you want to be patient to grow long hair fast.

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fast hair growth formula